Monday, 13 October 2014

Student Saving | Loyalty Cards and Programmes, Transportation Saving

If there's one thing students love more than having a good time with their friends, its saving money. Money saving has always been a rather good 'hobby' of mine, as I've never stuck to a 'proper' part-time job. Babysitting and blogging are definitely my forte, and working in hospitality is definitely a no from me! Despite the contradictory designer purse by Michael Kors slapped bang in the middle of today's image, I'm here to talk to you about money saving and organising..

First off, if you're anything like me then you'll definitely understand where I am coming from when I say this...there's something about loyalty cards and advantage points cards that is so cute. I love joining new schemes and card programmes simply because most of the cards and cute and look nicely put in your purse (besides the fact they are a great way to save money). 

Tidy bag, tidy mind. I love having an organised bag and a purse to go with, it makes shopping so much easier and fun when you can see everything and nothing is a mess. I am definitely sounding like a complete control freak, but little things like this make a huge difference to my everyday routine...kind of therapeutic. 

I'm a member of many advantage card schemes but of course my favourite are the ones famously run by Boots and Superdrug. Being a beauty blogger, the little perks these drugstore advantage cards give you are amazing and Boots even have their own iPhone and Android app so you know how much money you've built up on your card. Makeup is expensive, and as a student evening saving a few pounds makes me feel at least 50% less guilty when spending!

NUS cards are also a really good way to save money, working the same way as UNIDAYS pretty much though you can use it in store and restaurants. Those of you who aren't sure what UNIDAYS is, its a website where you can register your school/university email and get discount codes for most clothing stores (and its free to sign up!). Back to NUS, the cards are only £12 and gets you around 20% discount of loads of shops, places and restaurants!

Transportation...aaah so expensive when you add it up! Fortunately, rail and bus cards are in tact for students and you do get a hell of a discount when you add it all up. The 16-25 Railcard gets you a 1/3 of train fares and loads of other on board bonuses, such as food and drink discount.  If you're at university or travel by train a lot then this card is a must have, it really does save A LOT of money. I travel by buses loads, and because I live in Yorkshire I'm able to get a Young Person's Super Saver which works on all buses run by Transdev, i.e the Yorkshire Coastliner and again its up to 1/3 discount. If you don't live in Yorkshire don't worry, I'm pretty sure there are bus discount passes all over the country depending on where you live! 

Food loyalty cards are my favourite! Most restaurants and food deli's do them, from McDonalds to Bella Italia. My favourite is Bagel Nash, I go there pretty much weekly its my favourite place ever..if you haven't been you must go! I definitely have my Bagel Nash loyalty card on my all day every day!

Finally as a girl who loves all thing pretty, Barclays offer a personalised debit card scheme so head over to their website to personalise your card now! They have some pretty cute designs and you can also use your own photos!

I really hope this post has been a good one, especially as money saving is involved! If you know of any more money saving/loyalty programme cards please let me know because I love joining new ones! 
Happy saving! x