Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Your Space | A Healthy Blogging Lifestyle

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Hi everyone, it seems strange to think I only started blogging in January and here I am writing a blogging tips and tricks post. To me, this is something I never thought I would be doing, especially so early down the line but I feel like I've been blogging forever..I can't imagine where I would be without my blog anymore so I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone of my readers for the incredible support and how lovely everyone in the blogging community is! Soppyness aside, these are MY tips to a healthy blogging lifestyle...

1. Stop comparing yourself - I think one of the most important things to consider when blogging is that everyone has to start somewhere. It doesn't matter if you don't have more followers than another blogger, because at one point they probably had the same amount of followers you do. Every blog starts as a baby, in fact I would consider my blog still a baby as it isn't even one year old yet! But as soon as you start to compare yourself with others, it takes the fun away from it! Remember, blogging is individuality and originality - these don't come from copying others!

2. Daylight is key - When I blog, I personally like to be feeling good about myself. It helps if I've eaten properly (or feel full in my case, my diet isn't the best!) and I'm in comfortable clothes which I know I can work in. For me, I find blogging difficult if I'm layed in bed or on the sofa, I know I have to be sat upright at my desk and feeling ready to go. So make sure, wherever you know you work best, that's the best place to blog from. Another tip is to have natural daylight entering the room where you're writing, there's nothing worse than being sat in a dark room while straining your eyes trying to write good content.

3. Don't put pressure on yourself - In summer, my blogging schedule was Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. My content was pre-written and scheduled to go up on the specific hours of the days, and I was completely organised with time to spare to promote my posts on all social media accounts. Going back to sixth form has completely changed my blogging timetable, at the moment I am trying to post twice a week if that and my content at the moment isn't pre-written. It's okay not to be organised all the time, you don't have to write! I see a lot of bloggers posting tweets apologising for their lack of content which is understandable if it's your job. But, if blogging is just your hobby then take a step back and relax, no one is going to stop reading your content if its not there if they are truly interested in your blog! 

4. You don't need a label - It's never a bad idea to have a broad label of what your blog content is about, for example mine is a 'beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog'. What I'm saying is, you don't need to stick to what it says on the tin, if your blog is fashion but you want to put up a food recipe, why not? Some of my favourite blogs have so much varied content, that's what keeps them exciting and blogs I want to read daily. My all time favourites are EmTalks and AutumnLeaves-x .

5. If you don't want to blog, don't blog - Never be afraid to email a PR company explaining why you don't want to blog about the product/s they've sent you, pretty much every PR company I have worked with are so friendly and will always help you out with any problems you are having with their products and reassure you that you aren't doing anything wrong. If you aren't feeling a product, you aren't legally binded in a contract to write about it (well in 99.9% cases!).

6. Don't expect miracles - Just like tip no.1, nothing happens over night. This has to be one of my favourite things about blogging, gaining readers and comments makes me more than happy. If we all had millions of followers it would take both the fun and the hard work out of it. I love reading others' blogs, commenting, making new friends and getting involved with blogger chats on Twitter. As soon as you start giving recognition, you will gain recognition.

7. Be honest & enjoy yourself - I think being honest is the one thing that defines a blog over anything else, honesty is key. After all people are primarily reading your blog to know your thoughts on different things, if your blog isn't honest then there really is no point in writing it. I often hear a lot of people saying they'd like to start a blog for the 'freebies' and the perks of being a blogger, but that really isn't what its about. Of course, getting parcels now and again for writing a blog is a bonus, and its hard work so it is nice to get the recognition from companies. I just think that if you're in it for the money, or 'an easy job' (as a lot of people say and it infuriates me me more than ever), then you're never going to get far with it. Enjoyment is what really comes through in someone's blog, and you can always see right through blogs that are legitimate!

8. Don't be embarrassed - Its easy to worry what people will think of your blog, especially if you're still in school. I was a culprit of this, I won't lie, I didn't publicise my blog for about two months, only my boyfriend knew! Then I realised, who cares? If you love blogging then do it! After all you wont know the people you go to school with for the rest of your life, everyone has a hobby and if blogging is yours, share it!

Hopefully you liked my first post about blogging, do you have any blogging tips? What are your opinions on my tips?
Thankyou for reading! Katherine x