Thursday, 13 November 2014

LASHES 101: Eldora Eyelashes | REVIEW!

You all know how much of a lash junkie I am, so Eldora Lashes were kind enough to send me four of their styles to try out. First impressions, the packaging is insane! I love how different it is from the usual pretty and girly eye lash packaging (don't get me wrong I love that too) but these feel really Christmassy and seen as though we've just had Halloween I feel like the packaging really matches the Autumnal season. Also its yellow and I love the colour yellow, I always have and I'm so pleased I was sent four different styles to try out! Here's what I think...

The above photo are style no. H160, all of the lashes I chose were fairly natural and perfect for parties, but Eldora do make some crazy lashes of all different colours and shapes! I love these, I can honestly say they are so easy to apply. The lashes are self-adhesive and come with glue for when you want to re use them, I'm pretty good with lashes I can get a good 5 uses out of each pair. I love how natural these lashes are, but they are really really long so I would definitely wear these for an evening occasion.

Style no. H104 are a lot more natural, they remind me of the ones I regularly use from Eylure because they have different lengths and don't have the extended cat eye end. All of the lashes from Eldora are really easy to apply because they are naturally curved making them applicable in a matter of minutes!

No. H119 are definitely the most full on lashes, they're longest in the middle which really makes your eyes a lot rounder and seem a lot bigger (I have tiny eyes!). I love how dark these lashes are, they are definitely what I would wear to a Christmas party event and I can't wait to use them! These remind me of the Sultry lashes from Primark, but these are much easier to apply...

I adore this pair as well, no. H103 are perfect if you want more of a feline look which opens up the corners of your eyes as they gradually get longer towards the edge of the lashes! I love lashes like these because they can completely change a makeup look, they can be dressed up and dressed down.

What I love about Eldora lashes is that they're homemade and real hair, which makes them much softer, more comfortable and really natural looking...I can't stand it when lashes look to plastic! These range from around £4.50-£5.50 depending on which ones you chose, I would definitely check out their website because I am absolutely loving these lashes - and of course they would make great stocking fillers for any lash lover you know!

Have you used Eldora lashes? What is you favourite lash brand, and what styles are 
your favourite?
Katherine x