Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Movember Challenge With THE GREEN PEOPLE | Skincare Interview With The Boyfriend, Gift Ideas For Him

It's that time of the year again when Movember is in full swing and men across the the world take part in raising awareness for testicular cancer, prostate cancer and mental health problems. This post is a little late, and most people taking part will be half way through the month of Movember now, but at the beginning of the month men (with their clean shaven faces) commit themselves to growing a moustache in order to raise awareness for a really important cause. Movember is a hugely successful program raising £346 million to this date in over 21 different countries, more information on the campaign can be found here.

I suppose you're wondering where my boyfriend (Tom) and his trustworthy skincare advice comes into this, The Green People have challenged a few other bloggers and myself to let the men in our lives try some of their grooming/skincare products and hopefully this will give some of you girls Christmas gift ideas for the men in your lives, whether it be your dad, boyfriend, husband, grandfather, uncle, brother. The Green People aim to cater their products for men to all age ranges, and don't forget girls - they have products for you as well (which are all completely cruelty-free!).

Tom received the Cool Down Moisturiser and the Scrub It Exfoliator from the Organic Homme range for men, here's how he got on...

Do you mind telling us what your main skin concerns are?

One of my main problems is my skin drying out, it often feels rough and dry which can obviously affect the overall image of my skin, and this occurs even with generous amounts of moisturiser. I’m also fairly spot-prone, and if I don’t keep up with my exfoliating and cleansing facial products my skin can flare up and appears very irritated – not attractive.

What would you like to improve from using The Green People's skincare products?

I hope the exfoliator can keep my face fresh and cool, and keep irritation away for as long as possible. Also I don’t want to be left with a shiny face afterwards; it needs to exfoliate but help to maintain a natural texture on my skin. As for the moisturiser it needs to last and not run dry as my regular moisturiser has been known to do, I was my skin to feel soft and supple without the greasiness of average moisturisers.

What are your first impressions from the packaging of the products?

I was very impressed with the packaging. Sleek and stylish, yet simple; this makes their products very appealing without even opening it. The colour scheme goes back to basics, complementing the organic nature of the products perfectly. It sounds quite sad to say grooming products look ‘cool’, but I can admit it does on this occasion.

How would you rate the smell?

I loved the smell of the exfoliator, cranberry was a great choice; fresh and comforting. Nothing too harsh, again a great complement to its organic origins. I wish I could say the same for the moisturiser but I was disappointed with the smell, the mint comes across as sickly sweet and seemed more like an After 8 than a freshly picked mint leaf. For an effective moisturiser, the smell needs to be subtle and fresh, it’s going to be soaked into your face for a whole day and the smell can linger, so I’d have preferred something less perfumed.

After a week of using the products, how would you say they have benefited your skin?

The moisturiser did its job, it kept my skin supple but I’d have preferred its effect to last longer as harsh weather conditions seemed to diminish its effect. Overall I was satisfied, I love how it feels afterwards and it certainly rivals my current moisturiser – just a shame about the smell.

Who would you recommend The Green People's Organic Homme range to?

My dad. Not to say it only suits adults, but he’d appreciate the style​

Have you ever tried The Green People's Products?