Sunday, 9 November 2014

Your Space | Contacting PR Companies

The last time I did a 'Your Space' post on my blog (here), it ended up being pretty popular. So, taking the amount of page views it got into consideration, I've decided I'm going to do a few similar posts which hopefully will help a few of you out with different aspects of blogging. Today I'm talking about the big scary world of PR, emailing companies and getting your blog out there. Here are my best tips for working and connecting with brands in your favourite hobby...

It can seem daunting when you send off your first email to a company telling them about your blog and how you're interested in what they have to offer, my first tip would be that you have to remember you're behind your laptop screen. What I mean by this is that as long as you are polite and maintain the reputation you portray on your blog, then whether they reply or not really doesn't matter. No single company is going to think badly of you for asking to work with them, in fact most companies have blogger lists which they will add your blog to for future collaboration opportunities. The main thing to remember is, you have nothing to lose and the more you work on and enjoy your blog, the more companies will be potentially interested in your content.

Receiving 'freebies' is a huge perk of blogging, and I think that its clear when you are just blogging to get the advantages companies may provide to you. It takes a while to build up a positive reputation of yourself, I've only been blogging since January and I've seen that when I am really working my hardest on my blog is when I receive the most comments, page views, emails and followers. Blogging is definitely a hobby where you give to receive and you get out what you put in, so if you're blogging to get free products then there's really no point - you may as well save your self the hassle and buy them yourself! 

Its obvious again when you are working with companies and brands you would never actually buy from unless you get their products for free, some are a god send and receiving products from brands you aren't familiar with can be eye-opening and amazing to discover products you genuinely love. However, if you don't like a product or are not happy with it, I would never recommend giving it a positive review just because you received it for free..

Constructive criticism is something that all companies appreciate, but if you dislike a product completely there's no point writing a fully negative review. Companies will always appreciate honesty so just email them and kindly explain the situation. 

If you're struggling what to put in an email to brands/companies, here is an example (replacing the words in bold with the appropriate)...

My name is
I am emailing to enquire as to whether I am able to be sent some of your products to review on my blog X (insert link)

My blog is mainly (X) and (X) based however also includes (X) posts such as (X, Y, Z) posts. 

I currently have X followers on Bloglovin', X followers on Twitter, X followers on Google +, and X followers on Instagram. I share and update my posts regularly across all my social media platforms so my readers are always up to date with my content.

Please do not hesitate to email me back at the address (insert email address) with the subject as 'PR with (your company name)' to avoid emails being received in the junk folder. Thank you for your time, it is highly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely (insert full name - not blog name)
(insert blog link)

Of course, the above is just a template and you can edit it to suit yourself and your blog, but hopefully you feel a lot more confident about emailing companies and promoting your blog after reading this post!

Did this post help you? What are your tips on working with companies and how best to 
come across in your emails?

Katherine x