Thursday, 11 December 2014

Gel Nails with Fragrance Direct | W7 Nail Gel Salon Kit

So today is a little bit of a different post for me, its all about nails! I feel that around the festive season nails are a lot more important and its a must to have seasonal nails throughout the whole of December. I'm working with Fragrance Direct to show you all about the W7 Nail Gel Salon Kit which can be bought on their website for over half the retail price of £49.99! I've never tried any thing like this before, I've never actually had my nails done in a salon. This is because of hearing numerous horror stories and also my nails have been in good condition for a while now and I wouldn't want to ruin them (although I do long for a pair of pointed acrylics). Carry on reading for a mini step by step tutorial...

The contents of the kit includes 2 x Nail Gels, 1 x Base Coat, 130ml Gel Nail Polish Remover, 30ml Euro Cleanser, 1 LED Nail Lamp, 20 Foil Remover Wraps, 1 x Nail File and 2 x Nail Sticks. 

The instructions of the kit (which can be found on the back) were easy to understand, which is great if you're someone who gives up easily on the simplest of tasks...I'm really selling myself here! 

Step 1 . After shaping your nails to your desired shape/style with the nail file, apply the base coat and place your nails under the LED lamp for 30 seconds. Gel nail polish is actually completely different to normal nail polish, at first I didn't see the point of the lamp and was confused as to how it would work. But gel nail polish is really watery and will not dry alone...unless you sit there for four hours. 

Step 2 . Repeat step 1 but using the gel nail polish instead of the base coat, in this case the polish was a bright bubble gum pink colour - not my usual taste but I'll go with it because its Christmas. Again, leave your nails under the LED lamp for 30 seconds.

Step 3 . This step is optional, but if you do really want your nails to stay on for a long time without chipping applying a top coat is a great way to add longevity and just make your nails feel all round stronger. Use the base coat over the top of your nails and leave under the LED lamp for 30 seconds. If you've been careful with your nails, you don't need to apply to Euro Cleanser to clean them up but this is always useful if you've split any excess around the edges of your nails!

And there you have it, a set of gel nails ready for the festive season! I think home manicure sets are a really good idea and would make the perfect gift for someone who loves to take time out to care for their nails. I love changing up my nails and have, what some people may describe, as an over the top nail polish collection...however, for me I'm one of the 60 seconds girls. I prefer my nails to be done in five minutes as I really have no patience and I also change my mind to much to keep the same colour on my nails throughout the week, let alone a month! I would say this took me around half an hour to achieve, and it would also require a fair bit of time to remove but I did enjoy doing something a little bit different. 

Are you a manicure girl or a DIY girl? Would you have the patience to use an LED gel nails kit? Have you ever used Fragrance Direct?

Katherine x