Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Years Resolutions!

Hello 2015! (well in two days), its crazy how fast the past year has gone and I know this next year is going to go even faster. I thought a new years resolution post would be a nice way to kick off my posts into the new year, especially because I am the queen of organisation. I've had flu, and my little blog has been neglected due to that...but I'm back and my content is going to keep coming from now on! It will be my blogs first birthday on January 25th which is crazy because I can't remember not having a blog, and I'm so proud of how far its come so a huge thank you to everyone who has helped me achieve this much! Enough of the cringe and on to my resolutions for 2015!

1. I'm going to start the post with the most cliche resolution of all, can you guess? To get healthy! I'm not necessarily talking about exercising as before I got flu I was in a good routine, following the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guides (which can I say, are amazing - link here). It's my diet that needs to improve, I'm not going to go on a drastic diet or anything as it would never work with my metabolism, but I do need to cut out a lot of carbs and 'treats' that I eat way too much for my own good. Fingers crossed I'll stick to this one.

2. My second new years resolution this year is to work really hard at school and focus on everything. I'm only at school for not even half a year now, and I really need to up my grades to get into University next September. Juggling blogging and school work is going to be tough, but I'm going to stay focused and organised and get myself into a proper routine, it has to be done.

3. I want to really try and get into blogger chats more this year, and interacting with more bloggers than I do already. I like to stick in my comfort zone, I'm a girl who will only ever a Margarita pizza and never try anything else. But, engaging with other bloggers is a great way to meet more people and enjoy more opportunities, hopefully this year I'll be able to make a lot more friends through the lovely blogging community.

4. Make the most of everything - again, cliche. But I do need to start doing more things that scare me.

5. Finally...maybe get a job? This one probably wont happen!

What are your new years resolutions?

Katherine x