Thursday, 15 January 2015

Beauty 101 | Determining your Eyeshape, Eyeshadow Tips

When it comes to making your eye makeup work, it is really difficult to determine what looks best with the eye shape were blessed with from your parents. Its a struggle which I knew for many years until I really discovered how makeup actually works. I've put together a guide on how to figure out which eye shape you have and how to work with it and hopefully you'll be able to get some tips (if you need them) on how to make the best out of your eyes...

There are many variations of eye shapes which all come with different names other than the ones in the photo above. As these are the most common I thought I'd stick to them as you everyone will share features with at least one of the eyeshapes displayed above. I've always been confused as to how to actually apply makeup to my eyes, after spending hours and never getting the right results about a year ago I thought it was about time I actually learnt what my eye shape was and which ways were best to apply makeup for them. I would say my eyes are quite small, slightly hooded and every so slightly upturned. There's nothing special about my eyes, they're just plain and 'ordinary'...forever longing for big feline eyes which are absolutely stunning! Once you figure out your eyeshape, its usually easy to figure out how to apply eye makeup as there are so many tutorials plastered all over the web. Here are my tips...


Monolid eyes are eyes which do not display a crease on the eyelids and are often deep set into the face. When applying makeup to monolid eyes, it is important to make sure that it can be seen. Applying a thicker line of eyeliner (liquid or pencil) to the lash line will give impact and definition making the eyes stand out more. Another trick for monolid eye shapes would be using makeup on the bottom lid, such as a kohl liner or a dark smokey eyeshadow as this is a lot more visible than the top lid. Using lighter colours on the whole eye lid will make the eyes stand out a lot more as it brightens them up, enhancing their natural shape - using dark pigments such as greys, browns, blacks will only make the eyes appear smaller and more closed.


Upturned eyes are fairly simple, apply the lightest colour on the inner of the lid and gradually use darker colours when expanding outwards. The same goes for eye liner, thickening the line towards the outer corner of the lid will make the eyes appear symmetrical and less upturned.


The same goes for downturned eyes as written above, however when applying liner it is important to create a cat-eye effect which will enhance your eye shape and make your eyes appear more symmetrical, making them appear more open.


My favourite trick when it comes to applying makeup for hooded eyes is applying it when your eyes are open. I spent so many years closing my eyes and trying to create a smokey eye, even this time last year my makeup skills were atrocious. I like to apply a light matte shadow to the base and then use a darker brown shadow to contour the crease (all applied when my eyes are open). Blending is key with hooded eyes are harsher lines can make the eyes appear smaller, also using lighter colours will open up your eyes a lot more than using darker colours, which would make the eyes seem smaller. Don't worry, dark colours still work on hooded and smaller eyes, however it is best to do this when you are opting for a full look, using false lashes and liquid liner. For an everyday look, lighter shades will make your eye lids appear a lot more, making your 'hooded eyes' less noticeable. 


Round eyes are probably the easiest eyes to work with when it comes to makeup, as there are so many different colours and liner shapes which will work with them. With rounder eyes, it all depends on your complex, hair and eye colour which will all help determine what looks best. A highlighted brow bone and eye liner extending from the inner corner will make your eyes pop - rounder eyes also suit shimmer eye shadows a lot more than other eye shapes, Urban Decay's Naked 1 palette is always a go-to.


With almond shaped eyes, follow the shape of your eye when doing eyeshadow. Almond shaped eyes are pretty and should be accentuated. When applying eyeliner, feline and cat flicks really suit the almond eye shape as they elongate the eye making them appear bigger and making your eye makeup really stand out. 

What eye shape do you have? What are your tips for applying eye makeup?
Any great liquid eyeliner tips out there?

Katherine x