Sunday, 25 January 2015

Fitspiration Wishlist | January 2015

Fitness wishlist 2

If there's one thing that makes me feel better about being cooped up in my bed and not being able to do anything apart from school work and scrolling through social media, it's looking at tons of fitspiration blog posts, tumblr pages and pinterests. After Missguided recently launched their first fitness branch of clothing it seems everyone has gone health kick crazy, and not being able to exercise right now is really taking its toll. As I wrote a few posts ago I've been following the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, well before I got poorly anyway, which I absolutely love (you can buy it here). I can't wait to re-start the whole programme and get kitted out in new, bright and gorgeous workout clothing. Here are my favourite picks from my recent online shopping browse...

I absolutely love Victoria's Secret, everything about it is so beautiful. I don't have the same figure, body shape or height as the VS girls but that won't stop me from wearing anything by the brand. I think VS PINK has to be one of my favourite brands of fitness clothing, and despite being quite pricey its only around the same as Nike and Adidas prices, so why not pay the same for something more bright and pretty? I also LOVE water bottles, there is something about having a new water bottle which makes me drink a lot more water (probably because I come to be a little obsessed with new things I own), and these ones are cute and fit in perfectly with the clothing I've chosen.

Although I did just claim VS do prettier work out gears than Nike, Nike have come out recently with some gorgeous work out trousers (or 'pants' for those of you in the US). I can't get enough of the florescent pink pair with their motto 'just do it' down the side of the leg, if this pair of joggers don't motivate you then I don't know what will! I've also just got a pair of Nike Roshe Runs in black and white which I absolutely adore and are comfy beyond belief, great for working out at home and in the gym! If only I could have a pair in every colour and pattern...

I picked out a yoga mat purely for the fact that I really want to try doing Yoga, it seems relaxin but also really good for your core - this is something I would probably benefit from. Ah, the Chanel dumbbells - in my dreams! I do already own a pair of dumbbells which unfortunately are not Chanel, but they do the job. I'm not sure whether these are real or fake but when I saw them on Polyvore I couldn't help adding a bit of luxury to my wishlist.

I feel that picking out clothing and changing what you wear while working out can really boost your motivation to get fit - it definitely is a huge placebo for me.
What is on your fitness regime this year? Do you use any training guides? What is on your wishlist for work out gear?

Katherine x