Thursday, 29 January 2015

On Trend: Camel, Nude, Beige | Kim Kardashian & Cheaper alternatives to what she wears

I can't tell you how much I've been loving Kim Kardashian recently. I seem to go through phases with the Kardashians, but this one is pretty hard to miss as her style is on point this season. Everything she wears, I instantly want - and lets face it, she knows how to pull of everything she wears. This season, all I am seeing is shades of camel, beige, browns, nudes and khaki colours and even Misguided seem to be picking up on Kimmy K's fashionable style (unfortunately everything seems to be sold out right now). 

I'm all about wearing basic clothing with a full face of makeup, which seems to be exactly what Kim is doing right now. Okay, so maybe her clothes aren't basic as they are hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of designer gear, but you can see how simplistic her outfits are - no glitz, no glam just neutral figure hugging pieces paired with a pair of classy designer heels.

Some cheaper alternatives to Kim's wardrobe (I must get my hands on all of these!)...


ON TREND by katherinerosie featuring a body con dress

Who's your celebrity fashion icon right now? 

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