Saturday, 31 January 2015

Prom Dress Inspiration | Victoria's Dress

Remembering how stressed out I was for my year 11 prom, I remember I didn't have any help in finding the right dress. There are so many prom and evening dresses available online, and depending on what type of dress you are looking for it can prove difficult. The first prom you ever go to is always going to be a special memory, which is why I am putting together a guide on finding the perfect prom dress. There are numerous online retailers which sell evening wear online, but today I am talking to you about Victoria's Dress - and online brand which sell evening, prom and other special occasion dresses up to 65% discount (I wish I had known about this website when I was looking for my prom dress). 

It's easier to shop for your preferred style as you can select the type of style you want to browse through (such as short dresses, long dresses etc) and you can also look through the new 2015 prom dress collection so you're ahead of the game. There are around 3000 different prom dress styles meaning your perfect dress is definitely going to be there - why not do an advanced search and find your perfect dress for prom?

Shopping via colour is one of my favourite things about the brand, although many online retailers do do this, Victoria's Dress has one of the largest selections of products I have seen - this is perfect, especially when shopping for such a great occasion. The dresses can also be worn as bridesmaid dresses or evening balls, so if you have a special event coming up in your life which isn't prom I would definitely still check out their website. 

If you read my previous post on Kim Karshian (here), then you'll know I am loving the colour beige right now. Here are my favourite prom dress picks when using the colour filter 'champagne' on the website underneath the tab 'prom dresses'...

As you can see all of the dresses are very elegant and dressy, there are so many different styles to pick from - short, long, tight fitting, a-line, skater, mermaid...I could go on! The prices are all really reasonable for the quality of dresses which are sold on Victoria's Dress, great value for money.

Hopefully you will visit their website if you are in need of style inspiration for your prom or a similar special occasion. You can head over to their website HERE.

What are you looking for a special dress for? Is your prom coming up?
What colour dress would you love to wear on the red-carpet?

Katherine x