Friday, 27 February 2015

Everyone's Obsession: Camel

Camel, camel, camel!


Camel - what seems to be almost everyone in the fashion industry's obsession right now. Why? It's simple, looks effortless and just works. I think pretty much every high street store has jumped on the neutral band wagon at the moment, even including 'oh snap Kim K' on almost everyone of their pieces. The Kardashian's are taking over every online British site right now, and whether you're a fan or not the fashion is supreme. 

I've mentioned how much I love the Kardashian style at the moment and Instagram is going crazy for the slinky high neck crop tops and the natural midi skirts. I've never known anything to be as flattering on me as high neck tops, I pretty much wear them every day now...

Are you loving the fashion industry at the moment? What are your favourite looks for London Fashion Week? Which high-street store is doing it for you?

Katherine x