Sunday, 15 March 2015

How I False Tan | Tanning Routine and Products

Hi everyone! I've been neglecting my blog a bit recently which is a shame because I do love it so much. However, I am stressed out to the max - I'm on a crazy health kick to get my figure back to how it was before Christmas (yes, I know its now March!) and I've been spending the rest of my time divided between crazy revising and crying over my upcoming exams - the count down app doesn't seem to realise my stress, as it reminds me on a daily basis how many days are left until my exams. But, it is time for a blog post - every now and again its good to give yourself a break and I'm taking the opportunity to blog about my false tanning routine. I am hoping on uploading a demonstration video to my Youtube channel (new!!) in the next couple of weeks but time is a bit short right now so here's a sneak peak of what's in my tanning routine...

I personally believe I must be the most pale person in the entire world, I never tan naturally and I don't think I ever will do and I lack a lot of colour when I'm false tanned. I've had my ups and downs with fake tan, having eczema doesn't help because a lot of the time it does go patchy, especially around the neck and chest area! But as I've been wearing it a lot more recently I thought, why not share it on my blog? 

I've trialed (and errored) a lot of tans during my time, a few years ago I was really into using the St Moriz Tanning Mousse which is apparently the 'cheaper version of St Tropez' (or as everyone says so anyway!). I thought I might start using it again, and I'm glad I have because I do genuinely like it over all. I have to admit, I am one of those girls who goes a bit too orange/brown on the first day of a false tan but as the week goes on and it fades it starts to look a lot more natural - I guess you get that with most false tans though, especially instant ones. 

Here is my tanning routine....

I chose to do this around every 3 days just for an everyday wear because I hate to be pale! I start by using my false tan removing mitt from Tan Eraser, which was kindly gifted to me, to remove any excess fake tan and dead skin. I never really thought to get a something to exfoliate excess fake tan off with, I had always just used flannels. I really likes this because its not too rough on your skin, sometimes products like this can really hurt your skin. I've even been in a situation where my skin has ended up bleeding from a 'bath lily' which I got in a gift set from the Body Shop, so I'm glad this is just the right texture for my skin.

I can honestly say that this product has changed my life in terms of tanning. Tan tends to cling to the bad patches of my skin, with having really dry skin its difficult to find moisturisers that work with it. The E45 Intense Recovery Body Lotion is perfect for my skin, so I would 1000% recommend this to people with dry/very dry skin - it even says that on the packaging! I use this just before fake tanning on the parts of my skin which are dry (neck, chest, shoulders and arms) because the tan then dissolves nicely into those areas. I don't however use this on my legs before tanning because it doesn't apply the tan properly and it kind of all blends together into a big mess - so I would say only use the moisturiser directly before putting on the tan in drier areas. I do moisturise everywhere as soon as I have exfoliated, but then I wait an hour before tanning so it doesn't just merge in with the tan.

I then start with tanning my legs, I use the dark if I am going to an event and the medium if I just want to feel a little bronzed. I find with the St Moriz Mouuse that it looks better once you have had a wash because it can look very dark and false once the first layer has been applied. However the wear off aspect is great because you don't have to tan every day, you can leave it on for around 3 days and then tan again - which I find it such a great time saver.

The Ibizia Honey Instant Self-Tanning Mousse in Medium has been a new discovery of mine. I purchased all the St Moriz and Ibiza Honey products on Fragrance Direct at a HUGE discount - I love their website. I absolutely love this tan, its more on the golden side than the orange side and it looks gorgeous without having to have a wash. Like the name says, it is an instant tan and you can just layer it on and go without it looking over done. It stays on for a good few days and fades nicely, without clinging to patches of your skin. 

For my face and neck I use the St Moriz Instant Face Tan in medium matte, this gives such a nice glow to the face and allows your face to match the rest of your tan without it looking patchy and gross. This can be applied just under foundation or instead of a foundation, for a bronzed look. I absolutely love this and will continue to re purchase it, I would highly recommend using a face tanner on your face instead of a normal bottle of false tan just because your face is a lot more sensitive than the rest of your body and this will give a much healthier look than any other product.

To apply my fake tan I will either use a false tanning mitt or one of my boyfriend's football socks (yeah, he isn't too pleased about that - but they do the job!). I have recently been sent a new mitt from Glove Your Body which I absolutely am in love with. It is such a gorgeous print I don't even want to get any tan on it, and I have always been a big fan of leopard print. Inside the glove there are holes for your fingers for extra protection and grip which I think is a fab idea because then you can really work the tan into your body. I would really recommend their gloves, they're really high quality - see more photos HERE.

And then to finish off, I'll use the remover mitt again and then the cycle starts again! So there we have it, thats my fake tanning routine! Hopefully I will be able to upload a demonstration video soon which I will share on my blog in a few weeks!

What's your favourite tanning brand? Is your tanning mitt as cool as mine?!

Katherine x