Thursday, 23 April 2015

Lets Talk Social Media! | Instagram, Twitter, Social Media Apps and Stats, Blog Traffic

Hi everyone, its been a long time but I finally feel I have a bit of spare time to put towards my blog. I can't wait to fully focus on all things blogging in summer, but I just have to get all my exams out the way and then its blog blog blog! I wanted to talk about social media today, and why its so important as a blogger to get the most out of it . Social media is something that really interests me, I would love to have a job in it! I wanted to talk to you about my favourite social media apps, some interesting statistics I have found out and how these can help you as a blogger and also apps which I use to keep track of my own statistics and social media schedules...
I've wanted to write this post for a long time now but I feel its not one I can just sit and bash out as I've had to do my fair bit of research. First I'm going to talk about my favourite apps, how I use them and what for.

First off is Instagram, this is my favourite social media app ever! I absolutely love it and I think it is an amazing way to share a quick post where it be a selfie (I enjoy them a lot) or something blog related. I also love how fast you can connect with other people on it but it doesn't have adverts sprung all across the page. Don't get me wrong, I love advertising and think its an amazing thing however it does get a bit annoying seeing sponsored content all over Facebook and Twitter. I'm really not good at sticking to a 'themed' Instagram but that I do think that if you're able to stick to a theme it helps gain followers because your posts are consistent and therefore it is clear to your audience what your page is all about. 

What I love also about Instagram is how it can be such a motivational and inspiring place to scroll through! Recently there has been a gap in the market filled by personal trainers who post mini fitness/workout videos and inspiring photos for people to see which has started a huge fitness hype across social media. Instagram is an amazing place to develop new interests and share your hobbies with the world or a select audience (if your photos are set on private).

A lot of people just use Instagram for personal use, my account is both my personal and my blog I decided just having one was enough for me and I like to keep all my photos in one place! I think this is because I don't have a particularly large following (in my opinion anyway) and therefore don't feel the need to separate my accounts just yet. I am planning on writing a post all about how I edit my Instagram pictures and how I manage my account so definitely look out for that! 


Again, Twitter is another popular app that I like to use for blogging. My Twitter account was originally my personal account but seen as though I guess I've grown out of the 'tweet about everything going on in your life' Year 10 phase, all I use it for now is blogging related content. My Twitter handle is the exact same as my Instagram one, this is something I would really suggest doing because it allows your readers/audience to find you on whichever social media app they want to follow you on. 

Twitter is a great tool for bloggers because there are many blogger chats which pop up on various different nights such as the FBL chat which takes place every Tuesday evening between 8-9pm. Blogger chats are amazing for getting to know new people within the community and gaining more readers for your blog. Its always good to share you link while these chats are in action too as more bloggers will be online and are more likely to see your post!

I usually post tweets saying 'Any #bbloggers, #fbloggers, #lbloggers send me your links, would love new reads!'. I have found this really effective as so many people respond to you, I have found some amazing little blogs from doing this! Hash tagging is really effective as long as you use it correctly, I mostly hashtag on Twitter as there is a growing trend for bloggers and you can find so much content there. However, I would recommend not hash tagging those such as #likeforlike #followforfollow because then people will only really be liking and following your content because they want the same in return, and then you can never be sure of a genuine audience! 

Social Media Statistics

 Original source linked
Now onto the more interesting, some facts you may not know! I have linked all the photos/charts to their original source as they were not created by me and come from some really interesting articles that are worth a read. Social media statistics change all the time because of new ways of advertising and networking between brands and the public. This is what has led me to have such a strong interest in social media and PR purely because it is amazing how much change there is within short periods of time. Facebook is the highest grossing social media site of all time with an estimate of 900,000,000 visitors per month. Facebook has been around for a while now and seems to always be charting high amongst its rivals in the social media industry. But you can see the change in the game as Instagram (launched in 2010) is ranked 7th globally and has an estimate of 100,000,000 monthly visitors. This is significant because it shows Instagram charted higher than similar photo sharing site 'Flickr' which was  launched in 2004. 

When it comes to blogging and utilising your social media accounts its important to remember who you are writing for. For example, I write a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog which targets ages from around 12 and above - I would definitely say my blog falls under the ages 12-18 and 18-29. Its important to know your target audience so that you can make use of the apps that the majority of these age categories use. As you can see from the chart above, the younger generation are more likely to use apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I think there is a more significant correlation with younger people and visual stimulation which is why Facebook and Instagram are so popular. Once you know your target audience and their preferred social media sites, you can set up your own accounts on these websites and hopefully start gaining more traffic for your blog.

Its also worth googling individual social media app/website statistics. I found out that the most effective day to post on Instagram is a Sunday, and the best time to post is on a Wednesday night between 5pm-7pm. Being clever with your social media can change a lot for both your accounts and your blog! Make sure you post when people are most likely to be active.

I also like the use the apps Buffer and Takeoff which allow you to schedule your posts for Twitter and Instagram so you can always post at the most active time even when you are busy! For stats I like to use Instatrack and Static just to show how much my accounts have grown in the past week or month etc.

There is so much you can do with social media. I plan to write posts on all my favourite apps individually, how I edit my Instagram photos and SEO posts so definitely look out for them! I also have a Facebook page which is linked with my other social networking accounts in my side bar so make you sure you check those out!

What's your favourite thing about social media? Do you have any tips or any interesting facts?
Let me know!

Katherine x