Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A day with NARS | NARS Makeup Lesson in Leeds, Harvey Nichols

Its been so long since I've been able to blog, so what better way than to start it with an exiting post about NARS - a favourite brand amongst the majority of bloggers. Last Tuesday I attended a makeup lesson with makeup artist Sonia Nannra at Harvey Nichols Leeds which was organised by my friend Ruby. Everyone at NARS were so welcoming, I would classify them as a pretty blogger friendly brand and it was fab to learn more about the brand itself and different makeup techniques. 

Ruby was the model for the makeup lesson, and as our prom was coming up on the Thursday evening she wanted a smokey eye which was a little different to what she would usually wear but something which would still accentuate her eyes. Sonia explained that there is a new and alternative smokey eye which not many people are aware of, which is the opposite to the well known light base and dark crease look. 

Sonia applied the Night bird Night Series Eyeliner in Black to the lid of Ruby's eyes and then buffed out the product with the #45 Smudge Brush This is a completely different look to the common 'smokey eye' which would gradually get darker, instead this is the opposite using darker shades in the centre and lighter shades on the outer edges.

Once the product was completely buffed out, this is how it looked. Sonia specifically mentioned that NARS don't like harsh lines, everything must be blended - in her words 'a cloud of colour'. 

Sonia then used the shade 'Giove', a navy shade, from the NARSissist Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Palette  which is a limited edition palette containing eight shades which can be applied either wet or dry. The palette also comes with a mini wet-dry eyeshadow brush which Sonia used to apply the navy colour. Using a navy shade compliments the black used in the look, as too much black would over do the look. Sonia then took the shade 'Andromeda' as a highlight and brushed it across the brow bone with the #42 Blending Eyeshadow Brush.  For brows, Sonia only used the NARS Brow Gel as Ruby already has naturally thick brows so there was no need to define them, also a subtle brow was better suited to the look as her eyes were already so bold. To complete the look Sonia applied the Radiant Cream Concealer  as an under eye highlight - note that this is one of the best concealers in the high end market.

And here is the finished look, I really loved it despite it and it suited Ruby's eye shape so well. 

Make sure you check out the limited edition Christopher Kane for NARS collection which you can find here. All credits for Ruby's makeup goes to Sonia Nannra, who is incredibly talented, who works at Harvey Nichols in Leeds. You can contact Sonia at sonia.nannra@hotmail.co.uk or find her in store. Also a huge thank you to the whole team at NARS in Leeds who allowed me to photograph the whole experience and have invited me back to do a cheek and lip look to post for all of you as well.

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What are your favourite products by NARS? Are you a fan of this look?

Katherine x