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Travelling Guide | Hand Luggage Essentials / Inspo

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Its that time of the year when Instagram is full of insanely photogenic destinations and people's holiday photos. I wanted to do a little series of blog posts focusing on travelling, whether thats travelling for a long period of time or just going away for a few weeks. I'm going on one holiday this summer at the end of August to Florida with my family (mum's been convinced as its the only family holiday all three children are happy to agree on, with us all being awkward ages and that kinda thing). I've put together a checklist for hand luggage as this is always my favourite thing to pack for a holiday, I love having an organised bag full of a few of my favourite items along with travelling necessities - making sure you're organised when you're going away is a really important thing and helps to make your trip feel extra organised. 


First of all lets talk about the basic necessities for hand luggage. When I say 'necessities' I basically mean items which are going to take care of you during your flight. Water is the most important because flying dries out your skin and throat so much, travelling at different altitudes can also make you feel really poorly and hurt your ears so water is always very important in your travel - make sure you have enough for both the take off and landing if you're flying as again it can help with your ears. Secondly, a good face cream is always a necessity for me. My skin always gets dried out from flying and especially if I'm going to be sleeping, I can't stand the feeling of having dry skin and take my moisturiser everywhere with me. A good lip balm is great for moisturising lips also, I take a tube of Carmex everywhere (and it plumps up your lips too!). I'd also count a good pair of sunglasses as a necessity if you're going somewhere sunny, I hate coming off a plane without a pair of sunglasses as it takes my eyes so long to adapt to brighter lighting. I'm loving the 'cat eye' sunglasses at the moment and this pair is gorgeous, I really need to get a few for Florida. 


Its of course important to remember the basics for your flight (or other mode of transport), even more important than a good face cream is your passport and purse (very important when going through the duty free section!). There's no point in explaining why these are important as I think we all know why they're needed, but I couldn't not include them (just incase you forget).


This is my favourite! I always take my teddies with me (yes I still have many), and a pair of fluffy socks are always a go to - especially if you're flying because I find my feet ALWAYS get cold on planes. Also, for those who want to sleep in peace (especially on a night flight) I've put a sleep mask on the wishlist. I love this sleep mask its really pretty, I don't actually have one of my own but I think I may invest as Florida is a long way away. 


I love packing for what I'm going to be doing on the plane. Usually I would just take a few magazines and a fresh playlist on my phone as I've only ever travelled up to 3 hours on a plane before. If you're going to a country in Europe it may be handy to take extra magazines for the journey back as they won't sell copies in English in the foreign airports (just a tip - even though I always end up reading them on my holiday and have nothing to read on the way back). This year I'm going to pack magazines, music, sweets, maybe a note book (typical blogger), a disposable camera and download a good Netflix series or something a long those lines to my Macbook so I don't at all get bored - I'm honestly worried about having to sit on a flight for so long.

So there we have it, I hope you enjoy reading my first guide for travelling and have some extra ideas for what to pack in your hand luggage if you're going anywhere! Remember this guide can be adapted for where your travelling and how you're travelling there! 

What is on your travel essentials list this summer, and where are your holiday destinations? I'd love to know!
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