Monday, 20 July 2015

What do the Contents of my Handbag say about Me?

When I saw this post on Ginger N Roses I thought it was a really interesting tag to write. There's always 'whats in my bag?' videos across Youtube but I've never really seen what the contents of someone's bag might say about them. Credits to Dinner With Maddie who created this tag, I guess someone's handbag possessions can say a lot about them! 
 I own a Rebecca Minkoff Tote which is now old season and I can't seem to find it anywhere online, besides that its a good sturdy bag which has lasted me a long time and is a stable in my wardrobe as black goes with everything! 

So, on to the contents of my bag! Before taking these photos I just grabbed my bag to see what was inside, there isn't ever much because I take certain items out and swap them for others (such as drinks, snacks etc) but these are the items that are pretty much always in my bag. Because my bag isn't structured, everything kind of falls about everywhere and my bag looks pretty messy from the outside looking in...

Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet  - I'm not entirely sure what my purse would say about me, everyone owns a purse in their bag right? But it might suggest that my purse is more expensive than the contents of it. I love my purse and have a weird addiction to loyalty cards and re-organising my purse, I'm definitely going to do a 'whats in my purse' post because its definitely one of my favourite luxury items that I own.

Sunglasses - Both pairs are from Primark (around £1, £2 each!), I adore Primark for sunglasses because they do so many different styles and colours and all come with their own little bags to keep the sunglasses safe! I suppose this says that I'm way to clumsy to own a pair of designer sunglasses (I would definitely break them) and that I'm definitely a big sunglasses girl! I have overly sensitive eyes so I always need a pair of sunglasses in my bag and this time there happens to be two.

Soft and Gentle Deodorant - Aaaah, does this say I'm sweaty? Haha, maybe! I've recently started going to the gym so its best to always have a deodorant in my bag regardless! This is the best deodorant I've ever used and it really does work so if you struggle to find a good deodorant then make sure you try this one out!

Tangle Teezer - This might say I'm a typical blogger, because we all have Tangle Teezers haha! I love the Tangle Teezer for brushing through my hair, not so much styling it, but its an easy brush to throw in your handbag and looks so much prettier than any standard hair brush I might own (plus I love the vibrant colours, definitely perfect for a holiday).

Makeup Wipes - I'm not entirely sure what this says about me but it might suggest that I change my lipstick throughout the day constantly. Sometimes I'll put Velvet Teddy on by MAC and absolutely love it, but then I'll look in the mirror later on through the day and it will have dried out so bad and just look awful and patchy. I also use my makeup wipes for the gym/swimming so its always good to have them in my bag. These ones are from Primark and were £1 for a pack of two.

Face Cream - This definitely suggests my skin is on the dry side! My skin constantly dries out throughout the day and I always need a face cream or some sort of moisturiser to get me through the day - especially if I'm wearing fake tan. Its usually my neck thats the worst, and especially in summer. 

iPhone Charger - Again this is a really important one, I can't stand it when my phone dies and more so its important for safety (but then again, I'm probably more bothered about missed selfie opportunities). I have both a charger and a portable charger but I can never really be bothered to charger the portable one up so just take my charger everywhere with me - that's probably why they always break. This definitely suggests I may have a slight addiction to my iPhone. 

Headphones - I hate forgetting my headphones wherever I go, this definitely says I love music. I'm a musical theatre girl so everything I listen to revolves around Hairspray, Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis, Wicked, Matilda, Rent etc etc! Headphones are essential to me, especially when on public transport (yeah, I still haven't passed my driving test!) 

This is what I found in the zip section of my bag...aka my mini pharmacy

Carmex - I always have two tubes of Carmex, which must show I love the stuff. I have one cherry one and the original, I've been wearing them loads recently because I go through phases of wearing lipstick and these plump your lips but still keep them completely natural! 

MAC Lipstick and Lipglass - I always keep my most used MAC lipstick in my bag which is Velvet Teddy, and there's also a Lipglass (not sure which shade because I rarely use it). I'm definitely a MAC fan and that's obvious but I don't like the lip glasses they're way too sticky, no idea why its in my bag. 

Rescue Remedy and KALMS - These clearly suggest I'm an anxious person, I think everyone gets anxious at various points in their lives and I personally think that's pretty normal. I used these for my Year 13 exams and when I go driving, its nice to know they're in my bag if I need them.

VICKS Vapour Stick - This could suggest I have a cold, but I fortunately don't right now (touch wood, seriously) but I had this in my bag because I used it constantly at work when I had the worst cold ever. I just keep it in my bag now so I always know where it is (they're pretty easy to lose) and if I'm ever out and need it, it's just in my zip pocket. Sweet. 

Bonjela - Again, this looks like I constantly have ulcers in my mouth but no it's just there incase I need it or whatever. I lost the lid and its dried out at the top so looks pretty grim, but there's still a lot of product in there and thats the important part!

So there we have it, thats whats in my bag and thats what I think it says about me! Maybe you'll interpret the contents of my bag differently! I hope as many of you do this post as possible because I think its so interesting, if you do just comment your links below or tweet me @katherinerosie_
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Katherine x