Tuesday, 4 August 2015

How I take care of my Skin and Hair | Featuring A Passion for Natural and GoldCrush

Today I'm going to be talking about a few of my favourite products when it comes to taking care of my skin and hair. My skin and hair are definitely my weakest points when it comes to beauty etc purely because they are both in bad condition. I've been using a lot of products recently to try and get them into a much better state and I wanted to share my favourites with you...

First of all I was recently sent the Aloe Vera range by the brand 'A Passion for Natural'. This was a brand I had never heard of before but I've always been a fan of Aloe Vera products and they seem to agree with my skin, so I let myself have a try of their range. My favourites from the range that I have been using on a regular basis are the Aloe Vera Gel and the Aloe Vera Moisturising Mist. I have been using the gel on my face as a primer and base for my makeup, it makes my skin so smooth and I heard that gels are actually more effective than moisturisers because they don't clog up your pores (bonus!). I absolutely love the product and theres a whole 200ml of it for me to use, a little goes a long way with this product and I can tell its going to be a favourite for a long time! Next, I love the moisturising mist purely because it is so refreshing and perfect for making my skin feel a lot less dry in a matter of seconds. I know this product will be amazing for my Florida holiday because it works as a cooling mist as well as moisturising your skin, perfect for water parks or really hot days (and the product feels light so the extra weight really isn't all too bad!). 
 You can find A Passion for Natural's Aloe Vera skincare range here on their website or the products can also be found on Boots here .

For moisturising my skin I have to use a prescribed cream because of my eczema, its not that bad but my arms and neck are always rather dry and sometimes get really red because I'll scratch my arms in my sleep (and yes my mum has now had to file my nails down, great). However my face and legs are completely different to my arms and neck which seem to summer from perfumed and tanning products. To moisturise my face I use the Nivea Light Moisturising and Cleansing Lotion, which is perfect to remove tightness after just waking up or before applying makeup - this was my dads moisturiser (not sure if it is for men or not), but I tried it once and now its a product I will always repurchase its amazing. 

I recently treated myself to an anti-wrinkle cream as after all, everyone says 'start preventing early'. I'm not sure yet if anti-wrinkle creams are a marketing ploy or whether they actually work but overall this is a nice face cream and is perfect size for travelling, this can just pop in my bag and I can take it wherever I go (instead of my Nivea which is a bit larger). This is a limited edition anti-wrinkle cream by Olay and I picked this up in Superdrug around 3 weeks ago, if you want to get your hands on it you better be quick. 

I love both these toners, they really freshen up my face especially in the morning if I don't have time for a shower etc. I used to use these before sixth form when I didn't have a lot of time in the morning and they made me feel a lot more fresh and hydrated. I got both of these from a blogger event, I'm not too in the know with Skinetica but ESPA are an seriously good skincare brand and you should definitely head over to their website here if you suffer with sensitive skin or eczema. 

I don't think its unheard of for a blogger to rave about the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, this product is a really high quality product and is amazing as a night cream for the face. I definitely wouldn't use it before applying makeup or as face cream necessarily because the product is stick and takes a while to sink into the skin (I think thats the point of it actually, it works into your skin for 8 hours while you're sleeping). I always have softer skin when I wake up in the morning, I must re-purchase this product as its running low.

Now on to hair! I've been taking the GoldCrush hair supplements since February now and my hair really has grown (although I am due a seriously hair cut, my split ends are overtaking). I was sent a t-shirt to track my hair growth and I'm going to be posting a photo of my hair on Instagram wearing that t-shirt so you can see the length of my hair now compared to when I first started using the supplements. I think taking vitamins really does improve your health as well, they're so good for you and make you feel a lot more awake and motivated. You can check out the GoldCrush website here.

Because my hair is bleached is only fair I take good care of it. I wouldn't exactly say my hair is in great condition, I have a lot of split ends and really do need a hair cut but until then I will be using and continuing to use the Reincarnation Mask by Bleach London. If you haven't heard of Bleach London by now then where have you been?! This brand is seriously, and I mean seriously amazing! Not to mention the gorgeous packing and creative names they give to all their products. All their products are currently on offer in Boots for £4.00 each, but they aren't expensive products anyway! The Reincarnation Mask comes in mini formula with every bleaching kit they sell so you can try it out before buying the full size. It honestly makes your hair so soft but gives volume to your hair also, I woke up looking like a had a lion mane after just one use of this product. I'm going to be doing a whole post on my hair and talking about Bleach London products so look out for it soon!

To protect my hair from heat and general damage I've been using the V05 (you all know how much I love V05) Cherish my Colour Full Bodied Spray which protects the colour from getting dull, I hate it when bleach doesn't stay as blonde as it possibly can be. I've also been using the L'Oreal Line Studio Hot and Straight heat protect spray which is absolutely amazing, it also makes your hair feel so silky and soft and keeps it straighter for longer (they also make one for curling your hair). 

I do apologise about the hair in the Tangle Teezer but this just shows that Tangle Teezers do take your hair out (they claim not too), but I'm not complaining because they're so pretty. I've been experimenting a lot with my hair recently and as I frequently use silver shampoo the Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer is a really good brush to have as it is specially made to use on wet hair. This means I can use it when blow drying my hair without damaging it.

And there we have it, those are my favourite products for treating my skin and hair at the moment. What are your holy grail skincare and haircare products? I look forward to hearing about them!

Katherine x