Thursday, 6 August 2015

New Room! | Room Tour 2015 Video & Homeware Haul

I wanted to write a post all about my new bedroom and also show you a little room tour of it now it's finished (apart from I do need a blind for my skylight but hey ho, that can wait). I've put together a Youtube video which you can watch at the bottom of this post and there's also a few photos. I also wanted to link everything I recently bought from IKEA and various other homeware shops, so you'll find those further on in the post too...

I've got a new bed and I'm absolutely in love with it, as my room is quite small it was difficult finding a double bed which wouldn't overwhelm the room but after a long (really long) IKEA trip we finally found this pine framed one which for some reason I can't find on the website.  The bedding is also new to fit the mink/beige theme of the room and was from Amazon and was fairly inexpensive, I think its sooooooo gorgeous I love it. 

I also got two new bedside tables with new lamps (both of which are from IKEA). The tables fit the pine theme of the bed and fit perfectly on either side. I love the glass top as just to break up the whole wooden theme. The tables can be found here  and they were so inexpensive (only £9!), and the lamps can be found here. Again the lamps were inexpensive and are detailed with such a pretty pattern. 

I also decided to get some new candles from IKEA, I got two vanilla ones which I believe were only about £1.50 each. I love candles so its no surprise I picked some new ones up! And then of course I had to be a typical 'blogger' and pick up the white detailed pots for my makeup brushes (I'm sure you know the ones I mean, again I can't find them on the website).

I also got some new drawers for my makeup, I did want the Alex drawer unit from IKEA but it was pretty clear that they weren't going to fit in my room. I decided to go with these much smaller ones from Amazon - these can be found here - these fit my makeup perfectly and are mobile so I can move them whenever I need too. I also love that it has space on top for displaying my makeup brushes and other pretty objects.

My wardrobe isn't new, but I took the door off the furthest section where the shelves are just to create a different look. I bought these brown boxes from IKEA (about £2.50 each) which just hold all my clothes in and look really organised and again fit well with the colour scheme. 

I'm not entirely sure where these tea light holders are from but my mum bought me them as a gift and they're so pretty, also once the candles have burnt down I can use them as little pots for hair bobbles/makeup brushes etc! 

I haven't had my bathroom re-done but I've added a few new items such as the caddy for all my hair products, this is just your average 'vegetable rack' which you can find on Amazon or elsewhere online! Again, this is on wheels so its perfect for practicality. I've also got new bath mats and these are from the Primark homeware range.

So thats my new room and I really love it, it feels so much more organised than my old room which was just completely cluttered and the theme is really peaceful and relaxing! I've linked my new Youtube video below also so you can see a mini room tour...

Hopefully you like my new room! What are your bedrooms like? Do they have a theme? I would love to know so make sure you leave comments! 

Katherine x