Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Fashion Review | LUXEMME

Hi! I'm going to be talking about the fashion brand Luxemme today, a brand I've been seeing over Instagram recently through the likes of fashion bloggers! The brand contacted me a while ago asking if I was interested in trying one of their pieces and of course I said yes, what girl wouldn't right? There was a choice of items to select from and I chose the Charisse Suede Crop Scallop Two Piece which retails at £35.00, the piece is a faux suede outfit in a mix between a camel and taupe colour (my favourite colours to wear right now).

What I love about the brand is that they add a bit of originality by with their blog which features articles combining the latest trends and fashion insight combined with their own fashion. One article which particularly caught my eye was the article 'Matching the Right Two Piece with your Body Type' (you can read this here), which I only wish I had read before selecting the piece I opted for. I opted on preference rather than what might suit my short body instead, as much as I love this outfit I think it would look a lot better on someone taller than myself. 

The thing I always find difficult about two pieces is when you can only select one size. This was the case for this outfit so I would definitely say if you are tall and slender and 'all one size' from top to bottom this would be perfect for you. I wish I could have opted for a bigger size in the top as its very tight on me, but never the less I still love the two piece the same I just have to work out how to style it to look right on me!
The Luxemme range sell trousers to tops to blazers, pretty much everything (bar shoes) you need to creative an on trend outfit at an affordable price. The pieces on Luxemme are selling out fast so make sure you head over their fast if you want to purchase something (the two pieces are selling out particularly fast!). 

Also, make sure to follow their Instagram and Twitter feeds for the latest, @luxemmeuk and @luxemme  

What's your favourite piece on the Luxemme website?
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Katherine x