Wednesday, 23 December 2015

University Update | #1

Hi everyone! Firstly, a HUGE apology for my massive break in blogging recently. Starting university has been absolutely crazy and for the past 12 weeks my life has been completely different to what it used to be. I'm so excited to be back blogging and I have loads of new products and topics to talk to you about this month, including posts about my uni experiences! I got the idea of doing an update on how everything is going at university from Alice Thorpe (ohhitsonlyalice - YouTube), who has recently become one of my favourite YouTubers, as I just thought it was a really great way to document how I'm feeling about uni and maybe it will help some of you who are starting university next year, or are already there.

I'm going to talk about a few different topics regarding uni so here we go...

Living in Halls

Moving away was literally the scariest idea for me ever, first of all I was never going to go to university. I never felt like the type of person to want to go, more like the type of person who wanted to work straight away and not give myself a huge debt at the end of another 'tiring' three or four years of studying. However, I think I decided in summer 2014 that I was going to go to university, after I had been blogging for a while and discovered the world of PR. I looked around for a few courses and chose 5 different universities to apply for, none were ridiculously far away (I think the furthest was Liverpool!), but still far away enough. Long story short (because I'm going on a bit), last summer I was accepted into Sheffield Hallam University and about a month later I was moving into university halls in Sheffield.

I was actually really excited to move in, buying all my kitchen and bathroom essentials and decorations for my new bedroom. On moving in day, I felt a bit nervous but not too much. I only felt awful when my mum left and I just thought 'what have I done?!!'. I wanted to move back home straight away, I just instantly thought uni wasn't for me. I cried for about two weeks, trying to find out what I should do if I was to leave (all so dramatic, I know).

But..I really got over it. Sheffield to Leeds is not a long way away (and its SO cheap on the train for that matter), I did visit home every other weekend but I think I'll always be a homebird so I'm pretty fine with it being that way.

My accommodation is amazing, I love it. The room is so modern, and there's a lot of space. I know there can be a lot of different opinions about living in halls but thankfully mine is really really nice. Its weird living with four other people because I'm used to spending a lot of my down time by myself, but its absolutely hilarious at the same time. The kitchen is usually clean because my flatmates and myself are all pretty tidy, so that's a huge bonus.

The only thing that's necessarily difficult about living in halls is that I never seem to get anything done, as I am always distracted (hence the huge break from blogging!). Unfortunately my blog has had to take a backseat while I've settled in at uni but I definitely needed the time to adjust, and it has been an amazing three months and now I can finally get back to it.


Everyone says that the friends you make at university are 'friends for life'. To be honest, I never really understood why everyone said this and how the first year is the best year of your life until I experienced it but I can now say that it is true. I think because you're living with people, they just get you and you get them and its almost like family. You don't have to worry about impressing people, and no one is judgemental (not anyone who I am friends with anyway!). I know everyone's experience will be different but I feel very lucky to have met many new people who I can now call my closest friends.

The Course

The course I am studying at University is Public Relations and Media. I originally wanted to do a join-honours course because I thought it would be more interesting with more content. However, I've found I'm definitely more of a PR student than I am media. I did think about switching to the single-honours course but there isn't really much difference between the two apart from some mandatory modules. I'm definitely going to focus more on PR next year and chose modules which suit that over media, but I have actually really enjoyed the course so far (apart from those 9ams...). Of course I have also met some amazing friends on my course also and I feel like I have been there a lot longer than 12 weeks!


Aaah, well everyone says that when you're a student you don't have any money. Which is kind of true, kind of not. I saved up a lot of money before I went so I didn't have to get a job in first semester as I just wanted to focus on settling in. However, it can be pretty boring not having a job especially on the days off from uni, so I am going to be looking for a little part time job now just for extra funds really. I wouldn't worry about it too much though as long as you look after your money and budget well it shouldn't be a problem!


As cliché as it is, the past 12 weeks have been incredible and I do think I have made the right decision by moving to university. I've met the best friends and study something I really enjoy (for now!) so I'm excited to get back to it in January! I'd love to know your university experiences, or if you have any questions about it I don't mind answering them! Just leave your messages in the comments box!

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& I hope you all have a very happy Christmas!
Katherine x