Thursday, 21 January 2016

High End VS Drugstore | Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz vs Soap and Glory Archery

Today I'm talking dupes, I think most people love these posts because it usually ends up saving them a lot of money - especially when it comes to eyebrows. I know more than anyone that eyebrows can be pretty stressful, I don't have natural eyebrows which can just be filled in (unfortunately, or a lot of time would be saved). I wrote a post about Urban Decay and Makeup Revolution a while ago, which you can read here, but today I'm going to be showing you how you can save money on your brows. 

I'm pretty sure you'll of heard of Anastasia Beverly Hills, a brand renowned famous for its brow products - in particular the Brow Wiz. I've been using the Brow Wiz in the shade 'Dark Brown' for over a year now and its not the most expensive of products, but for a student its pretty pricey. I'd be using the product everyday (as its the only thing that can actually make my brows look presentable) meaning that I ran out around every 2/3 months. The product retails at £15.50 and can be purchased on various cosmetic sites like Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay. Of course there's the delivery charge as well, so its a little more expensive but hey ho, I definitely didn't mind paying for such a good product. 

Again, you'll easily be familiar with Soap and Glory - but probably most for their bathroom products. While most recognise the brand with their body butters and scrubs, their makeup products are actually pretty impressive too. If you're looking for a dupe for the ABH Brow Wiz (and to save a bit of money too), the S + G Archery Brow 2-in-1 Pencil is a perfect example from the drugstore. I've been comparing the two products for over a good month now, and while there are some every so slight differences, the product is pretty much identical. 

You can see the similarities between the ABH Brow Wiz and Soap and Glory's Archery Brow Pencil. Both are thin wax brow pencils with a spooly for brushing through your brows. If the packaging isn't enough, the texture and application of both products is basically the same - except the Brow Archery is a little sharper making brow hairs appear slightly more natural. If i'm honest, there's not much difference at all and it all depends on how you use the product and the look you're going for.

The Soap and Glory Archery retails at £8.00, and there's no delivery charges as you can pick it up in Boots stores across the UK. I'd highly recommend trying it if you're an ABH addict, you'll save money and see no difference in your brows (hopefully anyway!). Of course its down to opinion, but I'd say they're a very close match.

What do you use for your brows? Have you tried either of these products? Which is your favourite out of the two? Do you know any high end vs drugstore dupes?