Monday, 1 February 2016

January: Product of the Month | The NYX Wonder Stick

Whaaaat, I'm sorry but where has January gone? It only seems a minute ago when I was celebrating New Years Eve (and my dad's 50th) with my family and now its February 1st? Crazy. I wanted to drop a quick post today about my most used (and favourite) product of January - the NYX Wonder Stick

I didn't really think much about the product when I was buying it, I just selected the shade 'Light' and added it to my basket. To be honest, I think I would have probably just browsed past the product if the brand wasn't American - I wouldn't particularly say the packaging stands out at all. But, seen as though NYX was brand new to Boots and I was caught up in the hype and the excitement of it all I thought why not? 

I does come in its own box, which is faaaab because I reckon I'm the biggest makeup packaging hoarder there is. I actually found the product really difficult to photograph purely because of the yellow and black contrasting colours on the label, so excuse if the lightings a bit off. 

I got the shade 'Light' because I use cream contour everyday as well as on special occasions, so I wanted something that was buildable as I therefore I could achieve both a natural and more prominent look. 

As you can tell, I bought this for the contour shade and not the highlight. With highlight, I prefer a liquid consistency over a cream (apart from Soap and Glory's Kickass Concealer, which in this case is an exception because its amaaazing). I'm gutted that its nearly run out, but fair enough as I have used it everyday for a month. 

You can see that the contour shade is actually brown and not orange - hallelujah. So many products from the drugstore which are branded as 'contouring products' are orange, and using an orange based product to contour is a big no-no. If anything, you need your contour to be more on the grey side. 

I can't rave about the contour shade enough, its absolutely gorgeous, its definitely buildable so you can either have a natural contour or a more full on one. Its so creamy and easy to work with that it makes the process ten times quicker. I tend to use a stipling brush for round my forehead and on my nose, then a flat contour brush for the contours of my face. Just a tip - if you want a flawless finish then definitely use a stippling brush.

I haven't tried the highlight shade yet, purely because I have so many liquid highlighters that I know work well for me. However I am going to be giving it a go and I'll let you know how I get on.

The product is only £10.00 and can be purchased on Boots, its a little bit annoying that I only use one side but I will 100% be purchasing this again. I know this is a new product so if any of you have reviewed it then please leave your links down below, I would love to read your reviews!