Saturday, 13 February 2016

Top 5 Apps for Bloggers

Apps are essential for bloggers (I say that but really I guess you could be equally as successful at blogging without the use of apps, but they do help), social media apps are obviously my favourite but there are a few others which I think are really beneficial if you are a blogger. I wanted to share five apps that I use on a daily basis which I couldn't go without...

1. Buffer

Buffer is an app that I'm pretty sure you will have heard of, basically the app lets you schedule both Tweets and Facebook posts (unfortunately you can't do this for Instagram yet). I mainly use the app for scheduling Tweets, particularly recently as I'm running a giveaway at the moment (you can enter here) and its perfect for making sure I get a Tweet up about it at least once a day to remind my followers they can enter as much as they would like! I'm no Buffer pro and I'd love to find out different tips and tricks and ways of using it, but the simple methods are doing the job for now. 

I guess it is kinda lazy to not instantly Tweet, but if you know you're going to be busy at 'peak time' or miss a popular blogger chat, its the best way to make sure you'll still included in the trending topic while offline. 

2. Afterlight

I don't see many people mention Afterlight, but in my opinion its the best photo editing app out there. If I'm honest, I don't see the hype with Facetune and it definitely was not worth paying for. Afterlight is only 0.79p and its worth every penny (not that thats a lot anyway!). Of course it comes with your standard contrast and brightness controls, saturation, rotation, cropping etc. Overall, its easy to navigate around and has various different filters which work perfectly with the whole 'blogger Instagram aesthetic'.  

3. Gmail

I've got my emails synced to my iPhone anyway, but having the Gmail app is actually really beneficial as you're alerted as soon as you get an email so you don't miss out on quickly connecting with contacts. Before I got the Gmail app I just used to check my inbox as and when I could, and yeah it comes up with the number of emails you have but it never popped up in my notification box and therefore I'd miss so many emails. It just makes everything a lot more efficient and fast paced, sometimes PRs will often go on breaks, or just generally offline and if you've missed an email the chances are that you wont get a reply until the next day. 

Also replying to emails is a lot easier on Gmail as oppose to the standard mailbox that comes with your iPhone, this is purely because it is a lot more reliable and easier to navigate. I haven't had many mix ups since downloading the app and I won't be going back to using the mailbox anytime soon.

Gmail is a free app, as I believe all Google apps are, and doesn't take up too much storage (as long as you don't have a trillion selfies on your phone you'll be alright). I'd definitely recommend this if you receive a lot of emails and like to reply to them on the go! 

4. Pinterest

I'm pretty much new to Pinterest, I used to have a different account but I never really used it so I've set up a new profile which you can follow here. I'm definitely not experienced with the platform by any means but I love browsing through it. I find all sorts of inspiration for blog posts, places I'd love go to travel, and different makeup looks to try. 

If you're ever stuck in a rut or suffering from writers block then Pinterest is the perfect place to go and have a little look through - I'm sure it will inspire you to write different styles of content!

5. Microsoft Onenote

Now Onenote is waaay under rated. This is one of my favourite apps for organisation and planning my blog posts. Its so simple to use, you can have different 'notebooks' with different pages on, and the best part is that it automatically saves itself and you can just open and close it whenever you need it! I have the app on my phone to make quick notes on, but if I'm honest I use it more on my Macbook. Onenote comes with Microsoft Office when purchased but I think I'm right in saying that its free for students now. I'd definitely recommend using Onenote if you can, it will make you feel verrrrry organised.

What are you favourite apps that keep you on top of your blog? What are your favourite 5 apps in general?