Thursday, 4 February 2016

Updated MAC Lipstick Collection

Hi lovelies, I'm showing you my updated MAC lipstick collection today. The last time I showed you my collection was over a year ago, you can read the post here, since then I've only added four but seen as though I now have ten I wanted to talk through which ones I would recommend, which finishes are my favourite and which ones I use the most. 

Velvet Teddy (Matte)

First up is of course, Velvet Teddy. The matte shade by MAC is probably the most well known on the market thanks to the queen of lips, Kylie Jenner. I love this nude shade, I wear it pretty much every time I go out on a night out or to a special occasion. Because I'm pale, I don't think the shade at all suits me when I'm not wearing false tan so I tend to stay away when my face is pale. Other than that, you can tell, its my most used MAC lipstick. I reckon this is one of their shades which looks different on different people but I'd definitely pick it up if you're in need of a good matte neutral shade.

As much as I love the shade, I would prefer something which is a little bit more brown toned as I feel that warmer/pinkish tones on pale skin clash a bit. I'm hoping to pick up Twig or Honeylove next and try those out.

Faux (Satin)

Up next is Faux, this was my first ever MAC lipstick and I think you'll easily be able to tell that from the photo. I got this for my year 11 prom and to be honest, I'm not sure why I still have it as its kind of unusable (it does look pretty in my lipstick case though). The shade is what I would describe as a purple/pink toned nude. I don't think it suits me that much and I don't think I would repurchase it, purely just because its a little bit too purple for me. 

Faux has a satin finish, which actually used to be my one of my favourite finishes, until matte took over. I do still like the satin lipsticks, but I think they're a little bit too glossy on the lips.

Cosmo (Amplified)

Again, you can see that this is another one of my favourites. Cosmo is an amplified finish (which I love), which both brown and pink undertones. I do still like this lipstick a lot, you can see I've worn it to death (everyday for the first year of sixth form), but recently I've just seemed to have forgotten about it. This is another lipstick that suits me so much better when I'm tanned so I don't think I'd wear it much now without a tan, but its still one of my favourites.

Vegas Volt (Amplified)

I'm not too sure why I purchased this MAC shade but I think it was just a spur of the moment decision (and it was coming up to summer!). I bought this when I bought Faux, so its also one of my first MAC lipsticks as well. The coral and orange toned shade is an amplified finish. It is such a pretty colour but I can't remember the last time I used it. I like to always do my makeup the same on a daily basis, and this shade is something I would wear during the day as oppose to the nighttime so its kind of just been sat at the back of my collection while I've replaced it for either Velvet Teddy of Jlo's Nude by L'Oreal. 

MAC Red (Satin)

This photo doesn't really look like the true colour of this lipstick, to the point where I'm actually getting confused. I've realised this colour doesn't photograph to well (well, on my iPhone anyway). This is MAC Red, a bright blue toned red with a satin finish. This is such a pigmented colour and really whitens your teeth, it is a bit on the theatrical side of colours (I wore this when I was in Phantom of the Opera two years ago), but if you want a classic red this alongside Russian Red would be a perfect choice.

Russian Red (Matte)

Russian Red is probably the favourite, and most used, red lipstick I own. Its a classic red with blue undertones (again great for making your teeth seem whiter), with a matte finish. Its darker than MAC Red but its most definitely still a statement lipstick. I don't wear this as much as I used to, but when I wore red lipstick all the time this was my go-to, I still wear it on nights out though and everyone compliments it.

Rebel (Satin) 

Aaaah, Rebel...another one of MAC's most talked about lip colours. This is the perfect autumnal colour. When applied on the lips it does look different to how it appears in the tube, its a bit lighter and more of a berry colour. I don't wear this often, as you'll soon see I used to have a bit of a thing for dark lipsticks. However since I've been blonde I haven't really worn dark lipsticks. However, I'm pretty sure I'll need this colour for something in the near future and I definitely wouldn't discard it yet.

Diva (Matte)

Diva is a really dark red and I looove this shade. It stays on ALL day and doesn't budge one bit. It takes a bit of getting used to as its both dark and matte but it creates a much fuller lip and can really complete a look. Again, I don't wear this as much as I could do but I'm still pleased to have it in my collection.

Viva Glam 1 (Matte)

Unfortunately this one is limited edition but this is probably my second most used red. Its basically Russian Red but darker and less blue toned. I try not to use it as much because I love it and I really don't want it to run out, it'll always be one of my favourites.

Media (Satin)

Media is by far the darkest MAC lipstick I own (in fact I think its the darkest out of all my lipsticks). In the tube it looks almost close to black but its actually slightly lighter on the lips. I rarely wear this, as like I said I tend to stick with the nudes now, but I think its a bit of fun and a shade you can be creative with (I wore it when I dressed as Black Swan for a fancy dress party). 

MAC lipsticks currently retail at £15.50 in the UK and can be purchased in store, on the MAC Cosmetics website, and in Debenhams. 

Do you own any MAC lipsticks? What are your favourite shades? What is your favourite finish by MAC? 

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