Saturday, 19 March 2016

10 Things I've Learnt since being at University

Hi everyone! I wanted to write a post about 10 things I've learnt since being at university, moving to university was a massive change in my life but as of right now I couldn't be happier. It feels like I've known the friends I've met forever, but really I've only been there since September. First year finishes April 20th (if you can even call it a year), which is absolutely crazy and I don't know what I'm going to do with myself for 20 weeks throughout summer - still I can't complain though. 

1. The homesickness goes

I was so SO homesick when I first moved into halls. I felt alright leading up to moving day, I guess I hadn't actually thought about how much of a big deal it was, seen as though Sheffield isn't far from Leeds at all. I didn't actually get upset until my mum had left and then I just thought 'what have I done'. I didn't go out the first night despite the fact it was 'freshers week', but I think I needed the time to settle in. I honestly thought that it the homesickness would not go, I spent the first two weeks crying down the phone to everyone at home (although it got easier everyday, I was just in denial that I was actually enjoying it). By the time I'd visited home for the weekend I already wanted to go back. I do think a lot of it is all in the friends you meet so make sure you make the effort to knock on people's doors (luckily my friends now were the one who knocked), I don't know what I'd do without them now and I know my experience would have been completely different. 

2. Those cliche statements are true

I must of heard people say 'you'll meet your best friends at university' and 'your first year will be the best year of your life' a million times before I moved to university. In all honesty I didn't think this was true, I don't know what I expected I just don't think I expected to have such a good time. It took me a while to realise that university has actually changed me for the better, I have the best friends and now first year is coming to an end I'm pretty sad because it has been the best year of my life...bring on second year.

3. 'A Levels are harder than a university degree' 

This was something I was told on numerous occasions before becoming a university student, but its not at all true. Don't get me wrong a levels were absolutely horrible and extremely stressful, but a degree is equally as difficult. I find that at university the assignments we have to do (on our course anyway) can sometimes seem pretty simple, but they're always marked really harshly so its quite difficult to get over a certain bracket. Gone are the days when I could write an essay in an hour, academic essays and Harvard referencing are not the one. 

4. Uni makes me question exactly what it is I want to do with my life

Some days I do sit and think 'why am I here' and what is the point in this degree (although I do fully know the reason I'm doing it). Every student has those off days but I think its just normal. There is a flip side to this though, uni offers so many different opportunities - especially my course - so I'm not particularly set on the type of career path I want to go down.

6. Friends are like family

My friends really are like my family, when you live with people you see all aspects of their personality. Its so much easier to see who's real and who's not when you live with them, its makes your friendships that much stronger (aaah cringe).

7. I'm so over junk meals

If you've read my recent post on being at healthy at university (you can read here), then you'll know I ate complete rubbish in the first semester. Eating frozen food throughout the week and then visiting home at the weekend and not having a home cooked meal because 'oh its just pizzas tonight' got ridiculously boring. Don't get me wrong, if I'm hungover I'll happily have a ready meal but the amount of times I just crave meat with veg and rice, or stir fry (Olivia's speciality) is crazy. We've eaten so much better this semester, I love having healthy dinners and it gives me so much more energy.

8. The hangovers get worse

I never used to get hangovers throughout the whole of high school, whether it was a party or going out. I just put it down to being short and a massive light weight but oh no, uni makes you drink certain drinks you haven't even heard of before. Well, uni doesn't make you do it but its hard to have self control when you're at pre-drinks for about three hours prior to the night out. Bragging about not getting hangovers has definitely come back to haunt me, thinking about the day after a night out now makes me feel sick. 

9. I still feel super young

I thought going to uni would make me feel so much older, but honestly I still feel so young. Its hard to get my head around the fact I turn 20 at the end of this year, it doesn't feel right when this time last year I was still in sixth form aaah I don't like it - its scary.

10. I'm so much happier

I feel like I'm in such a good place right now, its annoying how settled in I am and I have to move out in a month's time. I love uni so much, I'm glad the homesickness didn't get the better of me in the first few weeks and I stuck it out because I've had the best year (well, half-year). 

I like writing about university because it will be nice to read back every once in a while and see if I'm still feeling the same way. I'm going to do a few more university posts over the summer so that those of you who are moving into halls this September can read those and get excited! Do you go to university? Are you planning on moving into university halls this September? Are you excited? If you are already at university, what are your best memories from first year?