Wednesday, 23 March 2016

ChinUp The Non-Surgical Face Lift | Review

Hello, hello! Today I'm talking about the 'ChinUp Non-Surgical Face Lift', a face mask with the aim to lose extra weight around your chin. I've never used anything like this before as I kind of see these things as a bit of a fad but I've heard great things about various creams which tighten your skin in order to give a more toned appearance, e.g. the Nip and Fab range (which I haven't yet tried but would love to). 

The mask aims to slim, lift, contour, moisturise, age defy and firm the skin around your chin and upper neck. In my opinion, the weight around your neck and chin is really hard to lose and unfortunately unlike muscles groups we cannot target fat (I wish, I wish). I put the mask to the test the other day, and if I'm honest I'm not completely sure how I feel about the product.

Above you can see how the mask works, as I think its a little bit easier than me being able to explain it! I think its a good concept, but I do think you have to have the time to do it. When I come in from a tiring day at uni, I just want to jump in the shower and be out without five minutes - and thats pretty much my 'pamper routine' as I'm always short for time while living in halls. The mask takes between 30 and 40 minutes to fully work (as explained by instructions) and while this process has seemed to prove results (as seen on their website here and social media channels), I was unable to leave my mask on for this long.

I found the mask uncomfortable on my face because of the slight burning sensation, therefore I trialled the product for 15 minutes. I don't think this is necessarily a huge problem, as the product is designed to not interfere with sensitive skin and therefore this just makes me a big wuss with a rubbish pain threshold. I didn't notice a visible difference in centre metres however my skin did feel a lot tighter and smoother, this is due to the science behind the product which you can read about here

I do want to try the mask for at least 30 minutes and see how I get on as I my skin did feel a lot tighter and therefore I would love to see if I do manage to get any significant results. I do believe these types of creams and products can help contour the shape of your body through the ingredients which are in them however I don't necessarily think it could be classed as weight loss. As a student I know I wouldn't be able to afford this product as it does retail at £19.99 for this trial pack and I probably should just cut down the carbs to lose the little bit of annoying weight under my chin.

Having said this I'm glad I've tried something new, its not everyday you get to use a product like this so thank you to Paige and the team at ChinUp Mask who were able to provide me with the product to try. As always, all opinions are my own whether a product has been gifted to me or not. Make sure to check out the ChinUp Mask website here alongside their social media channels.

Have you tried this face mask? Have you tried any products which aim to reduce the appearance of weight? Let me know in the comments xx