Friday, 25 March 2016

New In | Nouveau Lashes Haul & I'm a member of the #LashGang

I'm really excited to be writing this post after receiving my insane 'welcome pack' from Nouveau Lashes last week. I'm officially a member of their #LashGang (if you're a blogger/social influencer you can apply here!) which I'm over the moon about because I cannot get enough of false lashes. I'll always wear a pair of lashes whenever I go out, or go to a special event so you can imagine I was super excited when I opened the package and saw twelve gorgeous pairs of eyelashes to try (especially when I'm a student and definitely need to stock up). 

I hadn't heard of Nouveau Lashes until I saw a blogger (I've forgotten who, argh) write them, I went on their website and fell in love. I do wear a pair at least once or twice a week, depending on what I'm doing as I just think they complete a makeup look - especially on a night out. My go-to lashes have always been the Ardell Demi Wispies or Kiss Eyelashes in 'Iconic', I think feathered lashes always look so much more natural and not too in your face. I'm so pleased that a few of the lashes I received from Nouveau Lashes are wispy because I just think they're so pretty and suit my eye shape so much (I have quite small eyes!). 

Along with twelve pairs of eyelashes, Nouveau Lashes also sent me a few more goodies from their range to full on kit me out and I feel so lucky to be able to try these products as they look incredible. I'm going to show you the lashes first and then move on to the other products! Here goes...

Have you ever seen so many pairs of false lashes?! Aaah, for me to be stocked up like this makes a night out so much easier because I don't even have to think about going and buying a new pair. The packaging is gorgeous (despite it being so difficult to photograph because its shiny!), I've never been the biggest fan of purple but I actually love their branding - its clear and professional and I much prefer that over anything tacky and overdone. 

Nouveau Lashes do three different designs (natural, volume and glamour) in four separate styles. I'm excited to try different styles of false lashes because I know I always stick to my comfort zone when it comes to wispy lashes. I don't usually go for those with more volume and quite a lot darker but they're definitely going to be fun to play around with. As you can see Volume / Style 1 is very much similar to the lashes I usually wear as the lashes are crossed over each other, however this is a much fuller lash compared to the usual cat eye I chose so I can't wait to see how this looks with a smokey eye. 

I love that the lashes come in their little sets of three and tells you which pair match each specific eye look that you're going for. I think the Volume / Style 2 are absolutely stunning and definitely a pair which I would wear regularly (I take good care of my lashes and re-use them a few times), but I also really like the Glamour / Style 2 strip lashes as well - they aren't something I'd usually pick up in the shop but I think they'd look really good with a grey/black eye look.

I adore the Style 3 collection, its definitely right up my street. The Natural / Style 3 strip lashes are gorgeous and definitely appropriate for a date day/night (hint hint Tom, thanks). The lashes are naturally curved which makes them so easy to apply, practice still makes perfect though and luckily I've had lots of this so I don't tend to struggle as much anymore. However if you do struggle, I'd apply lash glue to your actual lash line so that the lashes have nowhere else to stick to when you're putting them on (and always use tweezers not your fingers).

Out of the Style 4 strip lashes Volume / Style 4 is definitely my favourite, especially because they elongate which suits my eyes perfectly. In fact I reckon I'll wear them tomorrow night with a bronzed smokey eye. All the lashes are so pretty and I almost don't want to take them out the boxes to use them because I want them in my collection forever. I'm a massive packaging hoarder so this definitely isn't good for me, or my bedroom storage.

You can purchase pairs of Nouveau Strip Lashes from their online shop hereEach pair of strip lashes retail at £6.99 which I think is an affordable and along the same price as other brands amongst UK drugstore shops. Nouveau Lashes also offer eyelash extensions which are professionally applied in salons across the UK, you can read all about this here and search for salons that provide this treatment here. I'm so impressed by their brand and website and after reading through all the different products and treatments they have to offer I'm confused at to how I hadn't heard of the brand before - especially as they won 'best lash supplier' in the Guild Awards of Excellence 2014 - 2015. 

Now, onto the rest of the goodies Nouveau Lashes sent me to try alongside their strip lashes...

First on the list is their Eye Make-Up Remover which retails at £14.99. I'm so glad I've got this now because I'm really bad and tend to use makeup wipes and not look after my skin as much as I should. The product is a pump application which makes a little bit more simple to use (seen as though I'm always way too tired at the end of the day to bother with a hot cloth or something along those lines). I love the silver packaging too, its both pretty and simple.

I've never used a conditioning serum when it comes to both my own and false lashes. I'm excited to try this out and let you know how I get on with it as its a new addition to my makeup collection. The Conditioning Serum also retails at £14.99 and can be purchased alongside their other products on the Nouveau Lashes website.

I'm so glad they included a full sized tube of lash glue. I absolutely live for Duo Lash Adhesive  and I've never switched it up and tried anything else so I'm going to give this a go and see how it compares. The Strip Lash Adhesive retails at £12.99 and can be purchased here. I also received Nouveau Lashes' Fine Point Tweezers, which are £9.99, I have to say these are the sharpest tweezers I have ever used (they definitely live up to the 'fine point' in their name) and are so precise that you really can get the tiniest of hairs with them. I don't know how they'll be to apply lashes but I'm going to at least put it to the test and have a go.

You can read all for yourself about Nouveau Lashes here  and make sure you also have a look at their Instagram and Twitter pages. I'm going to be posting a few makeup looks using the strip lashes, and also reviews on the other products they gifted me so make sure you look out for them alongside the hashtag #LashGang.

Apologies for the lengthy post but I really wanted to share all these products with you as I'm sure some of you will need a few pairs of lashes soon if you're looking for somewhere with variety then Nouveau Lashes is the place to go. I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know if you're a member of the #LashGang so I can read your blog posts about these products!
Have you tried Nouveau Lashes products? Whats your favourite false eyelash brand and style of lash?


*These products were gifted to me for product review purposes, as always ALL opinions are my own and will always remain honest and ethical.