Wednesday, 24 August 2016

New Purse: Marc Jacobs & Uni Update

I've had the same purse for a while now and fancied a little change. I guess its retail therapy too because I'm having a pretty bad time right now. I selected the Recruit Open Face Wallet by Marc Jacobs, a lot smaller than my previous purse but its just what I need and completely lightweight.

I'm going back to uni and soon and this definitely wont be weighing my bag down when walking around campus. I can't believe freshers week is a month away and I'll be starting my second year so soon. This time last year I didn't even know the five girls I've just spent a week on holiday with, crazy. Its surreal how much your life can change in one year, looking back on first year (or should I say half a year) I guess I've learnt a few things.

I keep trying to find time to blog, or topics to talk about but the difference between blog content these days between now and when I started is massively different. I'm definitely less interested in the subjects I used to write about, so I'm just going to stick to writing about what I love now.

What's your most recent purchase?