Monday, 20 February 2017

Breakfast at Bills

I thought I'd write a foodie post today, well I say foodie - I'm not expert I'll leave that to my friends. But, I wanted to share my photos from my recent visit to Bills in Sheffield last Saturday as it was just far too 'instagrammable' to not. I tend to stick to my favourite restaurants and cafe's to eat hence why this was my first time at Bills, but I think I've found one of my new favourite places to eat. 

Price is mid range, not the cheapest but then not too expensive either. I opted for Eggs Benedict at £7.95 and it was honestly one of the best breakfast's I've had out in a long time. Of course, I got coffee also. I'm obsessed with drinking flat whites at the moment, especially in the morning as they really give me that caffeine boost for the day. I also chose a cold elderflower cordial which came with strawberries and oranges, and was a lovely option on the side of my breakfast. 

Breakfast is served until 1pm at Bills, which is perfect as when you're a student its not everyday you have an early start. I love breakfast food so having the option to still be able to eat it in the afternoon is definitely going to make me a loyal customer. 

The interior of Bills is definitely the type of style I'd go for if I had my own coffee shop, if you're into interior design then its definitely one to visit. I wish I'd taken more photos, but where we were sat didn't give me the opportunity to take photos of the entire restaurant - even more of an excuse to return.  

The Instagram edit:

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You can view the menu at Bills here - not just breakfast, but dinner and cocktails too. Its on my to-do list to try their cocktails as they look incredible and I'll definitely be posting about it. 

Where is your favourite place to eat out for breakfast? Which restaurant do your favourite cocktails? Let me know! x