Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Pink Hair with #L'OrealColorista

Heeeey. Today I'm talking all how you can achieve this pink colour for your hair all for just £7.00. If you read my last post you'll know I was left feeling pretty disappointed by Schwarzkopf's 'Live Steel Silver' dye (you can read this here) - but today's post is a whole different vibe because I've actually found a product I am seriously impressed with.

To achieve this look I used L'Oreal's Colourista Washout Pink Hair - I don't know where you've been on social media if you haven't heard of their new range as its been everywhere...

Before using the product myself I read a few reviews, watched some YouTube videos and saw some pretty amazing results. The best thing about this product is that the application is so simple, and it washes out within 1-2 weeks which is perfect if you're just wanting to try something different without permanently changing your hair or if you fancy adding something extra to your style for a holiday of festival.

There are so many shades to chose from in this range (you can view here). I was stuck between pastel blue and pink because both shades are gorgeous, but I seeing so many posts of bloggers and influencers with pink hair it definitely caught my eye much more.

The application process is really smooth, you don't even need to wet your hair like most pigments or toners (I think this is my favourite bit about it). There's no mixing involved, you simply just apply the color creme from the ends of your hair to the roots wearing the plastic gloves provided, and that's it - you're done for 20 minutes while it develops! The only thing I would mention is that the tube only just covered all of my hair and I'd say mine is mid-length, so if you have long hair you're best off buying 2-3 tubes.

I left the product on my hair to develop for 20 minutes (I think it says 30 for vibrant results), but literally my hair was bright pink! The photo above is after maybe 3/4 washes and it was still pretty pink, so developing time will depend on what colour you want to achieve. I am so impressed with this product though, purely for how pigmented it is! When the range first came out I thought it would be the same as most, with little results to show for how much was put into the PR and advertising campaign - but I have to say I'm seriously impressed.

If you follow my Instagram you'll know my hair is really light, I've bleached the hell out of it so its not in the best condition (but you're only young once so who cares), so this product took really well to my hair. I've seen that it can even give slight results on dark hair, but if you're blonde or have highlights then this product will definitely work for you.

Colorista Washout Pink Hair retails at £6.99 and can be purchased online here - I 100% recommend it if you're wanting to try something different this summer! Its such a good idea, and doesn't ruin the original colour of your hair (mine has gone back to completely the way it was before).

You can see more results on my Instagram @katherinerosie_

Have you used any of the L'Oreal Colorista range? Which colour would you chose?