Thursday, 22 June 2017

A True Foodie Experience | The Grind Cafe

Today I'm discussing yet ANOTHER one of my favourite places to eat in Sheffield (as it seems to be all I do). I visited the Grind Cafe last month with Tom and his mum and the food was insane. I'm pretty disappointed with myself for not visiting already beforehand as I lived in Kelham Island for my first year of uni, but I know exactly what I'm like and I'll always stick to my same favourite restaurants rather than trying anything new unless someone else makes the decision for me (aka Tom's mum - I'm sorry for always being so fussy and I literally have you to thank for taking me here). 

I didn't expect there to be so much choice as the cafe itself is quite small (next time I'll take more photos), but I was most definitely wrong. There's all types of salads and fresh sandwiches to chose from, and I'm literally craving this all over again right now. I opted for a portion of the greek salad and a smoked cheese, tomato and pesto sandwich - not only did they taste AMAZING, they both had so much colour to them and they look bomb and are 100% instagrammable - and don't pretend you wouldn't take a photo, we're all guilty. 

One thing I've realised about living in a city is that there's so many different independent cafes and restaurants, and if I had the funds I'd make it my mission to try all of Sheffield's unique foodie places out. If you're around the Kelham Island area, or in the city centre (its about a 10 minute walk I promise), and you're looking for something fresh but still filling I would definitely recommend visiting, you will not be disappointed one bit. You can read more about The Grind Cafe here