Sunday, 18 June 2017

Catching Up with a Bestie & Eating out on Ecclesall Road | Mudcrab

If you're a student in Sheffield then you've most likely heard of Ecclesall Road, one of Sheffield's most highly student populated areas. As a second year, securing a house on Ecclesall Road was super exciting - although our student house had a lot of trouble living there and definitely didn't make the most of the area at all because of that. 

I've had a lot of time to myself since finishing second year, and more time to explore what actually lays in the heart of Ecclesall Road. I already knew there was pretty much everything when it came to big brands (Starbucks, Costa, Tesco, Nandos, Pizza Express etc.. you name it), however I'd definitely been neglecting the smaller independent restaurants and shops - I've found some pretty good finds and they'll be blog posts to follow.

If you're looking for somewhere to eat in Sheffield in the Ecclesall Road area, then Mudcrab is a top shout. I'd heard friends discussing Mudcrab before and I'd always heard good things, so myself and one of my besties Charlotte decided we'd pop in and have a few bites to eat while she was in town for the day. 

There are a few Mudcrab restaurants outside of Sheffield, but I'm pretty sure its quite a small chain. The Sheffield restaurant is lovely and open plan with a lot of space, and you can dine inside or out - we chose inside on one of the booth tables which was lovely. 

Instead of getting a meal each we decided to get a few sides and share along side a smaller main each, I'd say prices were mid range and it only came to around £35.00 between us. I opted for Eggs Benedict (of course) but with the sauce on the side because trust me that stuff is fatty (not to sound pretentious). We chose nachos and Caesar salad to share - even though I couldn't enjoy the salad because it had fish in...ow.

I was really impressed with the food, especially the nachos as personally I've never ordered nachos which have come with a sweet chilli sauce on top which was a delicious addition. I will 100% be eating here again as its not too expensive and the food is gorgeous, not to mention the great atmosphere of the restaurant itself. 

Have you ever visited a Mudcrab? What's your favourite restaurant to lunch at? What are your favourite restaurants in Sheffield?